02 Aug 2022

'Humanity one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation'

UN head Antonio Guterres warned Monday that the world faced "a nuclear danger not seen since the height of the Cold War" .. Read More

28 Jul 2022

Miners unearth pink diamond believed to be largest seen in 300 years

Miners in Angola have unearthed a rare, pure pink diamond that is believed to be the largest found in 300 years, the Aus .. Read More

27 Jul 2022

Alligator visits Florida sheriff's parking garage

A Florida sheriff's office said 911 dispatchers heading back to their cars after finishing a shift made a surprising dis .. Read More

26 Jul 2022

Ukraine calls Europe to action as Russia slashes gas

Russia's state-owned gas company on Monday announced an unexpected, drastic cut in supply to Europe, leading Ukraine to .. Read More

25 Jul 2022

Florida woman caught with pitchfork, whip during rainstorm

A Florida woman was captured on a bizarre video appearing to hold a pitchfork and a black whip outside a supermarket, af .. Read More

25 Jul 2022

Sonic the Hedgehog collection earns US man world record

A Texas man who has been collecting Sonic the Hedgehog memorabilia for 30 years earned a Guinness World Record when his .. Read More

24 Jul 2022

Alligator found hiding under Florida resident's Jeep

Authorities in Florida said an angry alligator measuring more than 11 feet long put up such a fierce fight during captur .. Read More

24 Jul 2022

Italians break world record for changing a tyre on moving car

A pair of Italian men broke an unusual Guinness World Record by changing a tyre on a vehicle while it was in motion. Read More

24 Jul 2022

WHO triggers highest alert on #monkeypox

The World Health Organisation on Saturday declared the monkeypox outbreak, which has affected nearly 16,000 people in 72 .. Read More

24 Jul 2022

Musk 'uncertainty' hurting revenue: Twitter

Twitter blamed disappointing results Friday on "headwinds", including the uncertainty that Elon Musk's chaotic buyout bi .. Read More

23 Jul 2022

Ukraine grain crisis a 'wake-up call' for Africa: Ramaphosa

The Ukraine grain crisis should act as a "wake-up call" for Africa to become self-reliant in producing cereals and ferti .. Read More

22 Jul 2022

Noord-Kaapse gesin ervaar Engeland se erge hittegolf

Noord-Kapenaars, wat sowat ‘n maand gelede na Lichfield in Engeland getrek het, vertel hoe die hitte wat hulle daar erva .. Read More

19 Jul 2022

Europe burns as heatwave breaks temperature records

A fierce heatwave in western Europe has left much of the continent wilting under a scorching sun, feeding ferocious wild .. Read More

15 Jul 2022

Donald Trump's first wife #Ivana dies

Ivana Trump - Donald Trump's first wife and mother of his three eldest children - died on Thursday at the age of 73, the .. Read More

14 Jul 2022

First round of voting held for new UK PM

Britain’s ruling Conservative Party has begun narrowing down the eight candidates vying to succeed Prime Minister Boris .. Read More

12 Jul 2022

Japan mourns as funeral of former PM Abe gets underway in Tokyo

Family and friends of assassinated former prime minister Shinzo Abe gathered at a Tokyo temple on Tuesday for a private .. Read More

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