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Be our eyes on the road – help keep your fellow road users safe in Central South Africa:

  • SMS 'traffic' and your info to 36636 (R1.50/SMS)
  • Phone the hotline - 084 327 9497
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OFM Traffic, keeping you safe on the road.

OFM wants to encourage road users to report reckless driving through the correct channels that action may be taken. Phone 0861 400 800 or complete the form online at:

You can now receive the latest OFM Traffic reports, even if you’re not tuned in to OFM in your vehicle!

• Simply switch on the TA, traffic announcement, or TP, traffic programming, function on your RDS compatible radio.
• This will enable you to still get the latest traffic updates in your area even when you are listening to something else like a CD.
• What you are listening to will be interrupted and your radio will automatically switch to OFM for the traffic report.
• When the traffic report is finished, your radio will switch back to what you were listening to before.
• Ask your car dealer if you’re unsure how the traffic function on your radio works.

Mon, 23 April
09:28 AM
Free State Dewetsdorp (R702):   Blasting notification: Blasting will take place on the R702 (DeWetsdorp road) between 10:00 and 12:00 on the following dates: 10 April 2018, 12 April 2018, 17 April 2018, 24 April 2018, 10 May 2018, 15 May 2018, 22 May 2018, 24 May 2018, 29 May 2018. Blasting is related to the construction of a new pipeline.

Thu, 19 April
06:57 AM
Gauteng Vanderbijlpark:   In Vanderbijlpark road closure due to roadworks in Barrage between Fikkie Meyer and Louis Trichardt, heading East. Use an alternative route. (until June)

Thu, 12 April
07:43 AM
Free State N1- Trompsburg:   On the N1 in the Trompsburg area. The carriageway is in a poor condition, loose tar and gravel has been reported. Reduce your speed and travel with caution.

Thu, 15 March
05:02 PM
Northern Cape N14:   On the N14 construction taking place at the Kathu turn off as well as at the Olifantshoek turn off. Reduce your speed and travel with caution.

Tue, 13 March
05:07 PM
Free State Bloemfontein:   In Bloemfontein, in LHP, construction is taking place in Jan Spies street in the left hand lane. Traffic coming from the R64 into the Jan Spies slipway is effected. Please reduce your speed in the area and travel with caution.

Mon, 05 March
02:38 PM
Free State R721 - Kroonstad:   On R721 and on the Kroonstad weighbridge construction will be taking place for approximately 1km, coming from the N1 heading towards Vredefort . There will be 24 hour stop/go controls. A delay of approximately 10 min can be expected. (End date May 2019) For more information please contact Operations Manager: Geoffrey Molala on 0824445458.

Thu, 01 March
03:35 PM
North West R504:   On the R504 roadworks between Leeudoringstad and Wolmaransstad with Stop/Go controls in place. Delays can be expected.

Thu, 01 March
03:33 PM
Northern Cape Kimberley:   On the N12 Stop / Go controls between Kimberley and Ritchie have been REMOVED. The roadworks have been completed.

Thu, 22 February
03:24 PM
North West R507:   On the R507, roadworks with stop/go controls between Ottosdal and Hartbeesfontein. Expect delays between 15-20 min. Travel with caution.

Tue, 13 February
08:38 AM
Free State R73:   On the R73 there are roadworks between Virginia and Welkom. Travel with caution and adjust your speed accordingly.

Mon, 12 February
03:15 PM
Free State Welkom:   On the R34 there are roadworks between Welkom and Kroonstad. Please be patient and drive safely.

Fri, 09 February
03:18 PM
Northern Cape N12:   On the N12, ROADWORKS with multiple stop/go controls between Klerksdorp and Wolmaransstad, between Kimberley and Warrenton as well as between Kimberley and HopeTown. Delays can be expected. Please plan your route accordingly.

Fri, 09 February
03:11 PM
North West R708 & R506:   On the R708 between Hertzogville and Christiana & on the R506 between Christiana and Jan Kempdorp is the carriageway is in a poor condition with large potholes. Reduce your speed and travel with caution in the area.

Thu, 08 February
06:16 PM
Free State R64:   On the R64 between Dealesville and Boshof the carriageway is in a poor condition with large potholes. Reduce your speed and travel with caution in the area.

Thu, 08 February
04:22 PM
Free State R76 - Kroonstad:   On the R76 roadworks between Kroonstad and Steynsrus. Reduce your speed and travel with caution.

Thu, 08 February
03:29 PM
North West R504:   On the R504 roadworks between Amilia and Schweizer-Reneke. The roadworks are approximately 1km out of Schweizer-Reneke. Delays can be expected.

Wed, 10 January
02:45 PM
Gauteng Midvaal, Meyerton - R551:   Notice - Closure of a section of Johan Le Roux Street (R551). The section of Johan Le Roux between Pierneef and Galloway intersections, will be closed from 16 January - 30 April 2018 due to road construction. Temporary road signs and information boards will be in place from 10 January 2018. If you have any further queries contact 0861 643 8225 Midvaal Municipal Offices.

Tue, 05 December
01:35 PM
Free State Wesselsbron/ Hoopstad:   On the R34 between Wesselsbron and Hoopstad there is a Detour for all heavy vehicles. Vehicles to travel via the R505 from Wesselsbron to Hoopstad.

Fri, 10 November
06:08 PM
North West R53:   On the R53, there are Roadworks between Ventersdorp and Potchefstroom. Expect delays between 20 and 45 min. Please travel with caution.

Fri, 03 November
04:27 PM
Free State R26:   On the R26, roadworks between Bethlehem and Reitz with stop/go controls in place. A delay of approximately 20 min can be expected. Please travel with caution.

Fri, 03 November
04:27 PM
Free State R73:   On the R73, roadworks taking place between Virginia and Welkom. Please travel with caution.

Tue, 03 October
05:05 PM
Northern Cape R357:   On the R357 Stop/Go controls between Kimberley and Douglas. Travel with caution.

Fri, 04 August
04:18 PM
North West R53:   On the R53 ROADWORKS (until April 2018) between Potchefstroom and Ventersdorp with Stop/Go controls. Please reduce your speed and travel with cation. Delays can be expected.

Tue, 04 July
05:37 PM
Free State N6:   Construction work with Stop & Go's on the N6 between Smithfield and Rouxville for the next 36 Months end date May 2020. Please drive with caution.

Thu, 08 June
03:01 PM

Mon, 22 May
04:04 PM
North West R505:   Op die R505 Wolmaransstad na Lichtenburg (92km) is daar padwerke. Daar is 6 Stop/Ry beheer stelsel in plek. Addisionele reis tyd ongeveer 90 minute. Dankie KBK Ingenieurs

Tue, 11 April
07:54 AM
Northern Cape R31 Kuruman - Daniëlskuil :   Please take note: The R31 between Kuruman and Daniëlskuil is OPEN with a temporary gravel bypass road which has been completed passed the sinkhole. Travel with caution.

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