Cyril Viljoen's Biography

Cyril Viljoen started his career in radio in 2007, working at a local community radio station in Bloemfontein, where he did the afternoon drive for three years. After that he decided to take a break from radio and work in the publishing industry for a while, also perusing his love for graphic design. But he missed radio and approached OFM and got a slot as grave yard presenter for a year, before being moved to daytime. Being a local Free Stater, he likes long walks in the veld and living a healthy lifestyle, believing that rural living has more benefits than quick paced city living. Better for your mind, body and spirit. Money is not everything, living a life with good friends and family is what it's all about, and of course, living following your dream and living a life built from the heart. All we need is love.

Join Cyril on “At Lunch”, weekdays, 13:00-16:00.

Spur's 50th Birthday Celebrations: CHOC House outside broadcast
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Spur 50th Birthday Celebrations: Silver Chief Spur Party, Bloemfontein
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City Hall in Bloemfontein on fire
Video: Bloemfontein City Hall going up in flames
Graan SA se Nampo Oesdag 2017
Nampo Harvest Day: School children
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