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Conspiracy Corner - The Conspiracy behind

───   15:52 Wed, 03 Aug 2022

Conspiracy Corner - The Conspiracy behind | News Article

There's really not much to say about this. We would rather have you quick visit, then come back and read the rest of this article.

The domain ("Illuminati" spelled backwards) points to the web site of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). Now, according to, one of the most enduring conspiracy theories concerns the “Illuminati,” a name applied to any one of a number of rumored secret societies (some of them centuries old) that exist for mysterious purposes generally involving the manipulation of society and world events.

More skeptical folks generally reference Illuminati conspiracy theories in a humorous fashion (believing the concept to be at best implausible), while others maintain the amorphous, shadowy collective is responsible for much of what occurs on a global scale. Those who belong to the latter camp have voiced concern the secret society has frequently engaged in coded messaging, signaling (or sometimes taunting) those in the know with blatant displays of their vast and comprehensive power.

Since at least as far back as 2009, a seeming link between the United States government and the Illuminati circulated in the form of a rumor claiming typing “Illuminati” backwards into one’s web browser navigation bar would lead the user to the web site of another conspiracy theory boogeyman: the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

Perhaps the largest similarity between the Illuminati and the NSA is one is an opaque, secretive-yet-powerful organization with the power to wreak havoc on your life if you displease its operatives … and the other is the Illuminati. Joking aside, the rumor was indeed true in its basics: typing “” into a browser does redirect users to the NSA’s web site. Read more on this story here.

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Conspiracy Corner - The Conspiracy behind

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