Sol Plaatje commits to supply Kamfers Dam with water
11:58 Fri, 10 Aug 2018
Sol Plaatje commits to supply Kamfers Dam with water  | News Article
The Sol Plaatje Municipality in the Northern Cape says they are pleased that the state of the Kamfers Dam as one of only four breeding areas of the lesser Flamingos in Africa has improved.

This, after the tourist attraction was under threat due to decreased water levels following dry seasons and a breakdown of water supply pipes. The municipality previously came under fire for the lack of water supply to this dam, which is regarded as one of the tourist attraction areas supporting the largest permanent Lesser Flamingo population in southern Africa. Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, told OFM News they have now repaired the faulty water supply pipeline from the Goga Pump station to the wastewater treatment plant, which was believed to be the reason that less water was being deposited in the dam…

Matsie says the presence of flamingos at Kamfers Dam is a major eco-tourism booster for the city and the municipality commits to continue supporting all measures to ensure that the Flamingos stay in the city.

Matsie admits that the breakdown of water pipelines had a dramatic effect on the birds. He says one of the major problems was that once they start pumping water, sewage spilt into neighbouring townships, which resulted in lesser supply for the Kamfers Dam. He says they are, however, still working on this.

The pan receives water from three sources such as the home-based wastewater treatment plant, rain, and from the municipality.

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