Residents upset about power outage, defrosting food
11:42 Fri, 10 Aug 2018
Residents upset about power outage, defrosting food | News Article
Residents from Hiemstra Street in Brandwag, Bloemfontein, are fed-up as they have been without electricity since Wednesday morning.

The electricity went out with no warning or time given as to when it will be back. A disgruntled resident called the municipality to find out what was happening, as the food in her freezer is busy defrosting. They just said it’s a two-phase power problem and they are working on it.

The communications manager from Centlec (Pty) Ltd, Lele Mamatu, told OFM News that they are aware of the situation and their workers have been trying to restore the power since Wednesday.

When they got there they realised that there were two faulty cables which made it difficult for them to restore the power in the normal time limit of two hours. They had to do an investigation to see what else is wrong. They have been there for the past two days. Yesterday the weather was not playing along because of the rain, but they should be done by end of business today.

However, there might be some light at the end of the dark tunnel because Santam Bloemfontein, Dumisani John, told OFM News that if people’s food in their freezers are spoiled, they will be able to claim from their “contents of the house” insurance.

OFM News/Sazly Hartzenberg

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