NW farmer shoots intruder
09:39 Fri, 10 Aug 2018
NW farmer shoots intruder | News Article
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A 66-year-old farmer from the North West allegedly shot an armed suspect who was in his home on a farm between Lichtenburg and Ottosdal, Wednesday night.

According to police spokesperson, Aafje Botma, the farmer was with his wife in their home when he heard a hard blow by the sliding door. 

The man looked out of the window and saw the suspect breaking the sliding door open and entering the house. According to Botma, the farmer fetched his firearm and then saw how the suspect was moving towards the study were the farmer's wife was busy. 

The farmer tried to warn his wife, when the suspect allegedly fired a shot at the farmer, the farmer then fired a shot back and fatally wounded the suspect. 

Botma says the farmer then called for help. According to Botma, there was only one suspect identified, however, there could have been more suspects waiting outside the house and fled when they heard the shots.

The police are investigating a case of housebreaking, attempted murder, the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Botma says at this stage it appears that the farmer was acting in self defence.

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