#MidMorningMagic: Gerhard Beukes
10:47 Wed, 26 Feb 2020
#MidMorningMagic: Gerhard Beukes  | News Article
An idea, late one night, a year ago, with an old school friend who is busy beating stage 4 Kidney Cancer has now turned into the biggest ever charity ride in the history of the Cape Cycle Tour.

60 plus Old Grey Bloem boys have partnered with CANSA and Diabetes SA to create awareness and to help those in need. It took 60 minutes to get 60 cyclists to enter and donate to charity. We are doing this for all who are and have been in the battlefield of life. Please assist us in opening your hearts and wallets to raise a substantial amount of money for these two awesome bodies who are always in need of financial assistance.8 March 2020, 60 Old Boys from Grey College in Bloemfontein will make history in becoming the first school in the world to enter more than 60 cyclists in the Cape Cycle Tour for Cancer and Diabetes awareness. Help us to create awareness and assist those in need. Our effort swill be televised throughout the day of the tour and we will be prominent in the view of all watching on TV or live at the tour. We are being sponsored by Grey College Reunie,anonymous Old Greys and Bloemendal Winery. Please support this great cause where people in need can be assisted to live through these two diseases. Your donation can be tax deductible. Please request the form from CANSA. 

You can support this cause whether you cycle or not, any amount can be donated. 

Please follow the link below:https://www.givengain.com/e/60-shades-of-old-grey-cyclists/


Gerhard Beukes on OFM with Shandor Potgieter:

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