Community Scheme Ombud Service
14:56 Tue, 30 Oct 2018
Community Scheme Ombud Service | News Article
If you stay in a sectional property or a retirement village, you need to hear this information.

The CSOS is inviting individuals who are in involved in the management of a community scheme to a roadshow to be held  in Bloemfontein on 13 November, President Hotel. The target audience are Managing Agents, Office managers and Trustees to shared living arrangements such as sectional title, homeowners’ associations, retirement village housing schemes, housing cooperatives and share block schemes. Had a chat with Acting Chief Ombud , Ndivhuo Rabuli, on who they are and what the roadshow is about...

  • The Bloemfontein event is taking place on 13 November, President Hotel, there is no fee to attend and it starts at 10am.
  • You do have to RSVP. For further details

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