CMG staff embraces Mandela Day by taking #actionagainstpoverty
09:04 Mon, 22 Jul 2019
CMG staff embraces Mandela Day by taking #actionagainstpoverty | News Article
Central Media Group took part in the #actionagainstpoverty by taking part in a soup drive with Towers of Hope Foundation to feed the homeless and those in need.

CMG staff volunteers made sandwiches in their canteen in the morning and later handed out soup, bread and a few other goodies to the homeless at the Twin Towers Church where the foundation is based.

Towers of Hope serves the immediate needs of the vulnerable. They seek to identify with vulnerable people and to serve them unconditionally in their immediate needs.  They have a food program; basic meals are served three times a day.  Records of every person coming to the center are meticulously kept, and are used to plan specific interventions as and when possible. Their clothing program is aimed at handling all donations of clothing, blankets and general household items in a responsible manner.

Staff members from all divisions in Central Media Group, including OFM, web company Digital Platforms, publishing business Mahareng, event organisers Red Star Talent Agency and staff members from support divisions such as technical and human resources, all pitched in to do their part. The first let of this project was to make 360 sandwiches, spread and package from the office. Then later the afternoon a smaller group went to Towers of Hope Foundation to hand out soup and bread.

According to OFM Marketing Manager, Lindiwe Mtwentula; CMG wanted to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of those less fortunate this Mandela Day by doing something small but that they would appreciate for the day. 

“The aim of Nelson Mandela Day and all who celebrate it, is to make a positive difference in someone’s life by giving of your time, your talents or your resources. For our 67 minutes the CMG staff truly came on board and pitched in to make sure that no homeless person goes to bed with an empty stomach this Mandela day,” says Mtwentula.

Nelson Mandela is celebrated on the 18th of July every year. On this day, Mandela’s life and legacy is celebrated with the hashtag #actionagainstpoverty and by performing selfless deeds to benefit those less fortunate.


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