#StateCapture: UK government suspends Bain and company

───   17:07 Wed, 03 Aug 2022

#StateCapture: UK government suspends Bain and company | News Article

Anti-apartheid activist, Lord Peter Hain says he’s pleased that the UK government has agreed to suspend Bain and company from public contractors for three years over the role it played in facilitating the capture of the South African Revenue Service.

This was done at the urging of Hain, a former UK Member of Parliament.

The State Capture Commission Report found that Bain’s South African branch colluded with former President Jacob Zuma and ex-SARS boss Tom Moyane to capture the agency.

Hain says global corporates like Bain have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

He says, “I felt strongly that companies like Bain and Co. and there are others like KPMG and Mackenzie who have been involved in the whole corruption state capture under Zuma. I thought they ought to face consequences abroad as well and they should receive the results of their unlawful behaviour in Bain’s case.

The Zondo commission said they referred them for prosecution because of the way they dismembered SARS yet they continued to practice in London and Washington DC and elsewhere in the world as if nothing had happened in South Africa. So that was my purpose and I’m pleased that the British government has exceeded my request.”


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