Matlosana Municipality overlooking the youth - EFF
16:13 Wed, 15 May 2019
Matlosana Municipality overlooking the youth - EFF | News Article
The Local Municipality of Matlosana, which includes Klerksdorp in the North West, has been criticised for the lack of interest in hiring more youth.

One of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) local councillors, Lily Methi, says the municipality is rather focused on hiring people with political ties and alienating the local youth from either Jouberton, Khuma or Kanana. OFM News previously reported that residents of Matlosana, including towns of Khuma and Jouberton, protested against the municipality for a lack of service delivery and the high unemployment rate among young people. The EFF councillor says what makes the matter worse in Kanana is that many mines in the surrounding area employ less or none from the area. Methi says this then escalates the issues of crime, poverty and unemployment.

Meanwhile, following the protests in that area, the mayor of the municipality, Maetu Kgaile, told OFM News that things have completely normalised in the area, contrary to reports indicating otherwise. The EFF’s provincial secretary, Papiki Babuile, has, however, hit out at the mayor’s utterances that everything is back to normal. He says this is exactly the problem - the ANC-led government pours cold water on very serious issues. Babuile says instead of addressing the issues of the residents, Maetu is quick to dismiss issues and tension on the ground.

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