#Nampo2019: IRR tackles land expropriation without compensation
08:27 Wed, 15 May 2019
#Nampo2019: IRR tackles land expropriation without compensation | News Article
Property rights, particularly in the context of land expropriation without compensation, has been a bone of contention in South Africa over the past couple of months.

The Institute for Race Relations (IRR) has come to the GrainSA Nampo Harvest Day, held for the 53rd time this year outside the Free State town of Bothaville, to lead a discussion on the matter. 

OFM News’ Dane Beisheim spoke to the IRR’s Gabriel Krause to get some insight into the matter.

That was Gabriel Krause from the Institute for Race Relations speaking on Land Expropriation without Compensation.

OFM News 

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