The Entrepreneurial Matriculant of the Year competition (EMYC)

The Entrepreneurial Matriculant of the Year Competition (EMYC) is an annual contest hosted for grade 12 learners by the Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT); Standard Bank of South Africa (SBSA); and the Central Media Group (CMG). The competition allows learners to attempt to conceive and describe a business idea, in order to enhance entrepreneurial skills amongst learners. This exercise will encourage self-learning and instil basic research. 

Entries will be open for all matriculants from the Central Region of South Africa and neighbouring provinces such as Gauteng and the Northern Cape who attend Quintile 1, 2 and 3; and former Model C schools. The schools will conduct internal competitions, and select their most promising business descriptions for a provincial-level competition. From these submissions, a panel drawn from CUT, SBSA, CMG and the business sector will select and award prizes to the top five entries. Each awardee will also have the opportunity to play CUT’s VALU-E game set, which will introduce them to the vagaries of setting up and running a business. The game set will culminate with players designing a real business plan.


  • Encourage learners to consider entrepreneurship as a viable employment option.
  • Provide real-life experiences to learners in developing business plans and pitching ideas to investors.
  • Increase learners’ problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Improve learners’ interpersonal skills and teamwork.
  • Develop learners’ public speaking skills.
  • Increase learners’ knowledge of financial management.
  • The winning teams/schools will benefit most uniquely from the subliminal learning during the fun involved in playing CUT’s VALU-E Entrepreneurial Game
  • Present on the Canvass Model


  • Conceiving and describing a business opportunity,whether unique or run-of-the-mill (innovative and creative thinking).
  • Conceiving a promotional strategy to make their initiative known (to distinguish their product or service, identify their target market, and appropriately price their product or service).
  • Introducing themselves to financial management(supply and demand; income and expenditure).
  • Tasting the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial sector.

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