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14:54 (GMT+2), Thu, 23 Mar 2017

He joins us on the Afternoon Delight.

14:17 (GMT+2), Thu, 23 Mar 2017

The real Renaissance man: A singer, songwriter, father, husband, charity supporter - the list goes on!

14:10 (GMT+2), Thu, 23 Mar 2017

Don't feel too bad if you have done it.

18:15 (GMT+2), Wed, 22 Mar 2017

Surprising old ladies on their birthday!

17:25 (GMT+2), Wed, 22 Mar 2017

Sleep tight, Waking up on the wrong wide of the bed, pleased as punch.

15:54 (GMT+2), Wed, 22 Mar 2017

"LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER." This one is actually, "No, I am your father."

18:05 (GMT+2), Mon, 20 Mar 2017

"Residents serving time behind the high walls of the local jail have turned to books to keep mentally fit, in preparation for a better life once released." ~ News24

17:10 (GMT+2), Mon, 20 Mar 2017

Here's Johnny b good!

16:09 (GMT+2), Mon, 20 Mar 2017

If you are not into it yet, now is your chance!

18:23 (GMT+2), Fri, 17 Mar 2017

"This bus driver is being hailed as a hero for saving a 5-year-old boy from the local twenty degree weather – especially since he was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts." ~ Good News Network.