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Keep Super Rugby in Central SA

Prevent the Cheetahs Rugby Team from becoming an endangered species on the Super Rugby franchise list. This after a ruling is due as to whether Central South Africa’s pride, the Cheetahs, will be allowed to participate in the international tournament going forward. SANZAAR recently anounced that the southern hempishre competition has been reduced from 18 to 15 teams for 2018. This will see South Africa lose two teams with the Port Elizabeth based Southern Kings and the Bloemfontein-based Cheetahs are in the crosshairs.

For the Cheetahs it’s a fight for survival and in Central South Africa we have a duty to keep the team in the competition, especially, seeing that the region is breeding ground of Springbok rugby. The pressure is on the team to perform on the field and spate of injuries to key players has made the task that much harder, with just two wins in their five games to date.

It is also up to the supporters to start backing their team they claimed unwavering loyal to and start turning up in droves to the home match, seeing that the lack of support could be a determining factor.

Show your unwavering support for the Cheetahs by signing the petition below.

Keep Super Rugby in Central South Africa!

OFM is the number one supporter of the Toyota Cheetahs!

  I support this petition too keep the Toyota Cheetahs in the Super Rugby league.
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