Pieter Venter's Biography

After being “a father figure to any bachelor on the planet” for many years, he jokingly mocks, Pieter is now a dedicated family man who won’t give up this honour for anything. Born in Pretoria and raised in Bloemfontein after relocating at the age of three, the calm, level-headed Pieter Venter is a financial a financial adviser during the week. His radio career began as an outside event broadcaster under veteran Brian Emmenis. He then joined a community radio station in 2012. This is his third year on OFM and the Weekend Breakfast show challenges him to wake up Central South Africa in true weekend spirit. “So, let's enjoy a cuppa together.”

Join Pieter on "Weekend Breakfast" Saturdays and Sundays, 06:00-09:00.

Spur's 50th Birthday Celebrations: CHOC House outside broadcast
Spur's 50th Birthday Celebrations: Burning Spear Spur party
Spur 50th Birthday Celebrations: Silver Chief Spur Party, Bloemfontein
Spur 50th Birthday: OFM outside broadcast Safe Park
City Hall in Bloemfontein on fire
Video: Bloemfontein City Hall going up in flames
Graan SA se Nampo Oesdag 2017
Nampo Harvest Day: School children
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